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Dawn Stanfill


My name is Brittnye Stanfill and I am the founder and president of The Dawn Stanfill Foundation of Tennessee.  This foundation was established in honor of my mother who died of breast cancer at age 52 in June 2007.  She battled this disease with such remarkable strength and grace.  She took treatments with a smile and never once complained. 

Dawn & Brittyne Stanfill
Dawn & Brittyne Stanfill

She had such a love for Christ, her family and her friends, but one of her deepest passions was for children.  As a teacher, she was most upset when she was told she would have to stop teaching to go through a harsh round of cancer treatments.  She was more worried about her students having to adjust to a substitute then she was about having to start chemotherapy.  She never got to return to teaching before passing away.  However our goal as a foundation is to keep her love for children alive and who better to help then those children battling cancer as she did.  Our foundation’s mission is to give financial and emotional relief to these children and their families during their trying struggles with this horrible disease.  A portion of the foundations proceeds also go towards pediatric cancer research in hopes of finding a cure one day.

I am excited to see what a difference this foundation can make in the lives of locals battling pediatric cancer and I am looking forward to watching our community come together for such a worthy cause and deserving legacy.

The last time I spoke with my mom I promised her that I would dedicate my life to finding a cure for this disease.  Though neither of us could have imagined that this foundation could come from such a great loss, I am hopeful that she is proud and smiling at what has become a memorial to honor her and to help the children and families who need it the most.  My mom is my hero and spent her entire life helping others.  Now it is our turn, I hope that you will join us in our strive to conquer this disease and help us make a difference. 

Brittnye Stanfill
Founder & President


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